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Eugenie by Philippe Petit & Friends

Alrealon Musique (ALRN029/ALRN-VL002) 2012

10" Vinyl edition


Philippe Petit: processed acoustics/field
recordings + electronics + turntables &
glass manipulations + keys
A1. an air of intrigue
Bela Emerson: cello
Alexander Bruck: viola-strohviolin 
A2. clapoutique
Helen Money: cello
Els Vandeweyer: vibraphone
Monty Adkins: concrete soundscapes
Reinhold Friedl : prepaired piano 
Herv√© Vincenti: oscillatin'bass/guitar 
A3. Pyramid of The Moon
Jenny Hames: violin
Paul J. Rogers: guitar-melodica-broken zither 
B. Magma From The Aquarium
philippe petit: amplified cymbalom + electric psalterion + electronics + kazooed-voices
eugenie petit--ginoux: voices